Download NetBalancer Setup

NetBalancer is an internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 (and their server variants) with native x64 support.

With NetBalancer you can:

  • Set a download and/or upload network priority or limit for any process
  • Manage priorities and limits for each network adapter separately
  • Define detailed network traffic rules
  • Set global traffic limits
  • Get detailed statistics and totals about your data usage
  • Show network traffic in system tray
Download NetBalancer v12.3.2, 37 MB, upd. on 26 Feb
Order NetBalancer$49.95, discounts available
Video Tutorial

A nice video made by our friend Eli the Computer Guy

Unregistered Version Limitations

The unregistered version works as a monitoring application only, and supports no priorities or rules.
For a full list of NetBalancer's features click on the link below:

NetBalancer Features Table


Find here the answers to NetBalancer's Frequently Asked Questions

Old Versions

Older versions of NetBalancer, in case you need one:

Release Date Version Build Size Download Link
26-Feb-2024 v12.3.2 3708 37 MB NetBalancerSetup_v12.3.2.3708.exe
06-Dec-2023 v12.2.4 3626 37 MB NetBalancerSetup_v12.2.4.3626.exe
27-Sep-2023 v12.1.1 3556 32 MB NetBalancerSetup_v12.1.1.3556.exe
09-Aug-2023 v12.0.1 3507 32 MB NetBalancerSetup_v12.0.1.3507.exe
14-Apr-2023 v11.2.1 3390 29 MB NetBalancerSetup_v11.2.1.3390.exe
08-Feb-2023 v11.1.1 3325 29 MB NetBalancerSetup_v11.1.1.3325.exe
03-Feb-2023 v11.0.5 3320 29 MB NetBalancerSetup_v11.0.5.3320.exe
27-Jul-2022 v10.6.1 3129 8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.6.1.3129.exe
21-Apr-2022 v10.5.3 3032 8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.5.3.3032.exe
13-Jan-2022 v10.4.4 2934 8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.4.4.2934.exe
05-Oct-2021 v10.3.4 2834 8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.3.4.2834.exe
08-Jun-2021 v10.2.5 2715 8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.2.5.2715.exe
27-Aug-2020 v10.1.3 2430 8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.1.3.2430.exe
16-May-2020 v10.0.3 2327 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.0.3.2327.exe
22-Apr-2020 v9.17.3 2303 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.17.3.2303.exe
14-Apr-2020 v9.16.2 2295 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.16.2.2295.exe
26-Mar-2020 v9.15.3 2276 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.15.3.2276.exe
25-Feb-2020 v9.14.6 2246 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.14.6.2246.exe
12-Sep-2019 v9.13.3 2080 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.13.3.2080.exe
31-Jul-2019 v9.12.9 2037 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.12.9.2037.exe
12-Jan-2018 v9.11.3 1472 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.11.3.1472.exe
18-Oct-2017 v9.10.6 1386 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.10.6.1386.exe
06-Jun-2017 v9.9.6 1252 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.9.6.1252.exe
16-Feb-2017 v9.8.6 1142 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.8.6.1142.exe
14-Nov-2016 v9.7.2 1048 7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.7.2.1048.exe
09-Oct-2016 v9.6.2 1012 6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.6.2.1012.exe
21-Sep-2016 v9.5.6 994 6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.5.6.994.exe
24-Jun-2016 v9.4.1 905 6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.4.1.905.exe
02-Jun-2016 v9.3.3 883 6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.3.3.883.exe
19-Apr-2016 v9.2.7 839 6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.2.7.839.exe
15-Jan-2016 v9.1.4 744 4 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.1.4.744.exe
20-Nov-2015 v8.6.4 688 4 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.6.4.688.exe
07-Nov-2015 v8.9.7 675 4 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.9.7.675.exe
06-Aug-2015 v8.8.2 582 4 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.8.2.582.exe
15-Jul-2015 v8.7.1 560 4 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.7.1.560.exe
28-Mar-2015 v8.5.4 451 5 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.5.4.451.exe
06-Dec-2014 v8.4.5 339 5 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.4.5.339.exe
30-Oct-2014 v8.3.5 302 5 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.3.5.302.exe
25-Sep-2014 v8.2.3 267 5 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.2.3.267.exe
20-Jun-2014 v8.1.1 170 5 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.1.1.170.exe
29-May-2014 v8.0.4 148 5 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.0.4.148.exe
Eons ago v7.1.3 3 MB NetBalancerSetup_v7.1.3.exe
Eons ago v6.7.1 4 MB NetBalancerSetup_v6.7.1.exe
Eons ago v5.2.1 2 MB NetBalancerSetup_v5.2.1.exe


NetBalancer App includes a Windows toolbar that provides real-time traffic information.

Main Window

The main window contains the list of all currently running processes along with a chart of the system network traffic.

Tray Icon and Widget

An alternate to the toolbar is NetBalancer's handy tray icon and widget that is always on-screen and provides some quick access commands.


NetBalancer implements a powerfull rules system that allows you to finely tune your network traffic to get the best internet experience.