NetBalancer Pro - New Version Release

Tue, 22-Nov-2011

After a few months of development we are proud to announce that the third version of NetBalancer Pro is released!

This version introduces grouped balancing, which means that it can now synchronously balance an entire network of computers (I hear ovations from our business users :). The grouping can be done in a p2p or client-server style. Look for all group settings and features at "Menu>Edit>Network Adapters>Grouping section".

And the final one is Traffic Mini Window - a small window with the current download and upload traffic with a mini-graph. After a couple of requests we decided to implement also the "Change traffic color" feature, so now you can change the colors at "Menu>Edit>Settings>Priorities and Traffic Chart" panel.

P.S. All our translators are welcome to update their translations and send them to our support email.

As usually, get it from here and see all the new features in action!