NetBalancer 6.1.1 Merges Pro and Free Editions Into One Single Product

Mon, 10-Dec-2012

Today we are releasing the 6.1 version of NetBalancer and the first thing you'll imediatelly notice, is that there are no longer two separate editions of NetBalancer, Free and Pro, but just one single NetBalancer.
This version right out of the box contains all the functionality of the previous Pro version (grouping, multiple network adapters management, password protection, etc.), and the only limitation, until registered, is a maximum of 3 priorities and 3 rules at a time.

Also in 6.1 we've added some interesting new functionally and done many stability and performance improvements:

  • Added 'External Priority File' and 'External Rules File' setting to Menu>Edit>Settings.
  • Added 'Dropped' and 'Delayed' options along with the current priorities and limits.
  • Added URL option to rules.
  • Added 'Process ID' option to Rules.
  • Added 'When Idle' condition to Rules.
  • Added 'Per Connection' option to traffic speed limitations.
  • Added edit priority on double-click on a process.
  • Added better detection of network changes and refresh accordingly.
  • Added 'Traffic Chart' to main menu.
  • Added support for automatic rules and priorities import from external files.
  • Added optional blur to mini-window on mouse over.
  • Added 'Reset Traffic' command to processes' right-click menu
  • Added some new command line parameters to setup, find them on NetBalancer's help page
  • Improved performance of UI (we're sure you'll feel it!)

But don't relax, even more changes and improvements are in the way, be prepared and keep pressing F5 on our News page!

Update: Removed a nasty bug not allowing 6.1.1 to run on some x86 machines, please update to 6.1.2. A big "Thank You!" to the guys who reported it!
Update 2: Yep, killed another bunch of bugs, please re-download 6.1.3. I hope this is the last version today, as we need to go to sleep soon :)

Visit NetBalancer's page for more info and download link. Also here is a press release , not that your care.