NetBalancer 6.2.1 Released

Fri, 25-Jan-2013

Update 6.2 of NetBalancer is all about performance and stability improvements. Now NetBalancer can extract and process network packets in bulk, thus greatly improving bandwidth performance and lowering CPU usage.

Also we rewrote its kernel driver, which is not only more lightweight and snappy but also compatible with more hardware and software, especially now it properly recognizes most of 3G/4G modems and is finally compatible with VirtualBox (some of you were reporting BSODs when using NetBalancer and VirtualBox together).

I know, I know, most of you didn't have any performance or stability problems with NetBalancer and now are not happy about these improvements at all. So for you, our impatient ones, we are preparing for the next version a new and very nice functional addition, called 'Filters', just wait a little bit more, and don't forget to press from time to time F5 on NetBalancer's page

Almost forgot: Find the new latency settings at Menu>Edit>Performance. Yeah, this one is about performance too.

Click here to download the faster version of NetBalancer.