NetBalancer 6.3.1 Can Filter

Thu, 14-Feb-2013

As promised earlier, the version 6.3 has just one, but important new feature: Filters. The Filters are just like Rules with the difference that they work at the driver level, and apply to traffic before it enters NetBalancer. A good use for filters is performance optimizations: if there is in your system some critically important traffic that must fly through the wires at the maximum speed possible then set it with filters to be Ignored, so it will go directly to its destination avoiding NetBalancer's limits, priorities and rules, and hence not spending precious milliseconds.

Another useful scenario is blocking at the driver level; although Rules contain the block action too, they lack some Filters only parameters, like MAC address or EtherType protocol.

Enjoy, but also don't forget that today it is Valentine's Day, don't spend all of it with NetBalancer only!

Click here to download NetBalancer 6.3, with filters!