Machines get some statistics information, app updates to 7.0.9 [Updated]

Thu, 31-Oct-2013

This week we decided to spend some time on the statistics part of our service, and the first implemented functionality is the 'top traffic apps' stats, which you'll find under the newly added Statistics button visible at the top of every machine details page.
Right now it is quite simple, but stil interesting (we hope): it shows the top downloading or uploading applications for the last day, week and month.
Other improvements you'll notice is the List view mode and the Action and Filter buttons on Dashboard.

Also the App gets updated to version 7.0.9, includes some stability improvements and a few settings for accepted commands at Menu>Edit>Cloud Sync (I know, I know the 'accepted commands' term sounds quite unclear but you'll understand when you'll see it :).

Update 5 Nov 2013: A few bug were fixed and a new build of 7.0.9 was released. Many thanks to all who sent the bug reports!

Download NetBalancer App v7.0.9.