Service open release, app updates to 7.1 [Updated]

Mon, 18-Nov-2013

We are happy to announce that our closed beta testing period was successfully finished and now the service is ready for real open use. Thank you to all 600 users with active synced machines who provided feedback, based on your comments we've greatly improved the service and app and it looks like we are moving in the right direction. Your response has been great!

At the moment our service is normally operating and we are working on its further improvement. Today NetBalancer App updates to v7.1, contains some UI improvements and adds the Jitter option for traffic delay, useful to emulate an unstable network.
The Service gets a new feature called "Log" and some more statistics. Find the Log at the bottom of your dashboard.

Update 20 Nov 2013: NetBalancer App updates to v7.1.1 with a few minor bugs fixed.

Update 18 Feb 2014: Update to v7.1.3 brings a few more minor fixes and improvements.

And, of course, we are announcing the immediate availability of our service to the press, find the press release below:

press release

SeriousBit Rebalances Network Traffic with App Plus Service Tandem

SeriousBit announces NetBalancer 7 and the brand new NetBalancer Service. The utility monitors and manages local and Internet traffic, and the service synchronizes multiple PCs with NetBalancer installed providing easy remote setup and maintenance via Web.

Managing Internet traffic in a large network can stir up a number of hassles. Aside from that fact that traffic should be appropriately distributed among running applications, the overall load on the network should not affect everyday work as well.

NetBalancer, a network traffic management and monitoring solution, gives an answer to many traffic problems computer network may have. Such instruments as filtering, priority assigning, flexible traffic rules and limits offer vast capabilities to keep traffic under control on a single machine or in a group of computers. And now the program has been complemented with NetBalancer Service to make the process much simpler.

Working in tandem with NetBalancer App, the service allows to remotely control network traffic of one or more PCs in a snap. Instead of a number of individual NetBalancers scattered across the network, an administrator gains a unified control panel that gathers information from a group of Apps synced with the cloud. Technically this means that every capability of the software is now available through the web service too providing quick and effortless way to manage traffic rules of multiple computers. In addition, the service puts all traffic information together and provides aggregated statistics, nice charts and API.

"NetBalancer is an ideal solution both to integrate to existing infrastructure and to automate network management and monitoring", says Ruslan Sologub, senior developer at SeriousBit. “The NetBalancer API and the command line tool support the entire scope of its functions”.

NetBalancer 7 features multiple improvements, which alone can do much for easier traffic balancing, but with NetBalancer Service managing network traffic has become convenient as never before.

Pricing and availability

NetBalancer requires Windows XP or higher, either 32-bit or 64-bit. The service works in any modern browser. The application costs $49.95 with free upgrades for one year included, while the NetBalancer Service is free during beta.


SeriousBit was founded in 2007. The company focuses on tweaking and maintenance software as well as Internet solutions. Among titles offered by the company are the EnhanceMyOS tweaking and tuning product line including EnhanceMy8, EnhanceMySe7en, EnhanceMyVista, EnhanceMyXP and UndeleteMyFiles. Many of these products gained positive reviews in the press.


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Name: Ruslan Sologub
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