NetBalancer 8.6 Pron (not just Pro)

Wed, 01-Apr-2015

v8.6 is a major release version with a lot of innovative and unique features.

First of all we've added an intelligent filter that detects the type of the content that is downloading and sorts it into the appropriate folders in realtime.

For example if the user is downloading a pirated-torrent-adult-movie then NetBalancer will automatically detect it with our patented algorithms using colors on screens, sounds, adults' cloths (or lack of) and copyright warnings in the downloading movie on-the-fly, and will automatically move the movie to folder:

This is the exact reason why the current release's full name is NetBalancer 8.6 Pron (not just Pro), as we understand that this will be the primary use case of the content filtering functionality.

Another feature we introduced is the ability to constantly monitor PC's camera and microphone and detect when there are children under 18 in front of the screen (using the camera) or even in the room (using the microphone and our patented age voice recognition), and will move all pirated, adult movies and games to a special folder hidden with our most advanced patented and copyrighted algorithms:
"Work/Boring Work/Boring Reports/Most Boring Reports of 2014/Don't Touch/You Wont Find My Pron Here, Boy/Definitely Not Mine"

The same algorithm can detect user's mother in a range of 10 meters from the PC, if setting box "Menu>Edit>Settings>Detection>Detect My Mom" is checked.
There are also the more generic "Detect My Parents", "Detect my Grandparents" and "Detect My Mother in Law" boxes that are checked by default. When any people of the above will be detected then NetBalancer will hide ANYTHING on the computer in 5 ms and will open the most boring Excel spreadsheet available in full screen.

And finally: today we are running a 24 hours 30% promotional discount off to all new users, hurry up, you know we don't do this too often!

Enjoy your most loved movies with NetBalancer 8.6 Pron (not just Pro) edition or buy NetBalancer with a 30% price reduction today only, using the buttons below:

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P.S. This is a time-limited release and promotion available on 1st April 2015 only.