NetBalancer 9.4 Adds Resolution

Thu, 23-Jun-2016

The new monitoring functionality introduced with v9.2 and v9.3 is great (we hope) but it has a problem: on computers with a lot of network activity the database file where NetBalancer stores the traffic stats (C:\ProgramData\SeriousBit\NetBalancer\netbalancer.db) grows very fast up to hundreds of MB. This growth stops after about two weeks when the automatic data aggregation kicks-in and the older data gets compacted.

Still for computers with small disks even 100MB might be unacceptable so in version 9.4 we added a new setting that tells how much data should be stored in the first place, named "Initial Traffic Resolution" and located in Menu>Edit>Settings>Database.

By default this setting is set to 1 second, as it was in previous versions, so nothing changes if the user is fine spending some more megabytes for monitoring.

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