v9.16 Adds Programmatic Rules

Fri, 03-Apr-2020

NetBalancer v9.16 gets the second part of scripting support with Programmatic Rules for most advanced scenarios.

Today NetBalancer adds its most advanced feature ever since inception: Programmatic Rules.
A programmatic rule is a rule defined entirely in C# code, is compiled and then executed for every single network packet.

Based on the packet's properties and various environment data the rule then decides what priority, limit or block to assign to the packet.
Alternatively the rule can just pass the packet to the next rule if it doesn't match its criterias.

A unique feature of programmatic rules is that they can assign multiple different priorities to packets, not just a single download and upload priority like normal rules.

All the source code required to compile a programmatic rule in your preferred code editor is openly available in NetBalancer under an open source MIT license.
See the 'View embedding source code' link in the image above.

Programmatic rules are able to handle up to 10 Gbps on a single CPU code, depending on the complexity of the code.

Just like C# scripts from the previous release, the rules also are not permitted any IO operation, including file, registry and network access to avoid elevation security vulnerabilities.
Code reflection is prohibited as well.

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