NetBalancer 8.6.1 [Updated]

Thu, 02-Apr-2015

Jokes aside v8.6.1 is still a major release version with some improvements and new features:

  • Added a search box to connections panel, which helps find connections by IPs, Ports, countries... virtualy anything.
  • Improved the delaying algoritm, now it will be more precise at small values.
  • Added "End Process" and "End Process Tree" options to processes' context menu.
  • Fixed a bug blocking all traffic when the Delay value was 5 ms or smaller.
  • Fixed the look of UI, toolbar and mini-window at high DPI settings.
  • Fixed a bug in NBCMD priority edit command.
  • Fixed some other minor and rare bugs.

Update 23 Jun 2015: v8.6.5 Updates Portuguese BR translation.

P.S. The 30% discount offer is still available util tomorrow, for those of you who thought that this was also a 1st April joke (it wasn't).

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